SEO Gear's 7 Top SEO Tips For 2014

1. Website Design: Let's start at the top, many people do not consider SEO when they first start creating their site. If SEO traffic is part of your plan you better THINK about it, this can save you a lot of time later when you realize you need to make some changes. There are too many do's and don'ts for me to list here, but some common mistakes might be installing an over used WordPress theme. If the theme has been used over and over again it is not going to appear like your site is unique and as a result a poor SEO score. If you need a theme and do not want to create it yourself you will always be safe with a paid theme. Sites like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest are great sources for niche specific themes.

2. Backlinks:  Baclinks still matter when I say backlink I mean "Quality Backlinks Only" and they should look natural. Submit your website on reputed blog directories, article sites, social media, video directories, press release sites and other niche sites that are related to your business. No matter how you do it you need a back link structure that looks natural.  If you are considering hiring someone to do this for you make sure they are doing it right.

3. Use Quality Content: If you want a first page search engine ranking you are going to have to produce a lot of quality content or use very well done professional spun content. I personally do both and have great success with both. Most people bag on spun content and for good reason in most cases. Google does not like spun content. But if you are using high level professional spun content it appears to be unique every time even to Google.

4. Social Media Signals: This is one of the most important SEO Tip for 2014. Pages with more likes and +1s always rank higher in Google's eyes. You may not like it but Google’s new social networking Google Plus is heavily integrated in Google’s search algorithm. It may not be that popular for now, but Google is pushing it and Google is the one who ranks you. So When you start your SEO strategy you should first consider creating Google Plus page, Facebook page, Twitter page, Stumbleupon account, Pinterest account and Reddit account and then share your updated content in these social media sources.

5. Update Content Frequently with WordPress: It is good to have a blog on your website and not just any blog, but a WordPress blog. WordPress is set up for SEO and has outperformed every other competitor in both functionally and SEO. If you decide to go with WordPress make sure to change your permalinks to %postname% so you can give the most optimized URL in your blog. Once you are set up make sure you post at least once a week and if older posts become outdated make sure you update them so you are not disseminating outdated info.

6. Inter-links: No one uses Inter-linking better than Wikipedia and I hope I do not have to tell you how much Google loves Wikipidia. If a search engine spider comes to your website and if there is no inter-link it will just go to some random external link that you have up. But if you have an article or blog inter-linked to another article and so on then it will be really easy for the spider to examine your website more effectively resulting in a better rankings in the SERP.

7.  Keep an Eye on Competitors: Do not gamble with new tactics. It is easy to see what is working just by looking at the top ranked competitors in Google. Check regularly to see what they are doing as it is working for them! Then copy their idea and rebrand it in your own way for your own product.