Affiliate Management


MembersGear comes with the world's most powerful affiliate software PayGear. When you installed MembersGear you linked PayGear and that is the only step required to link the two applications. You already have built in affiliate management.

This will allow you to run any sort of ecommerce your membership site needs. Plus premium features other affiliate managers have yet to catch up to. Just some of those include:

  • Easy set up processing though PayPal,, or CoinBase.
  • Single transactions, recurring transactions and trial prices.
  • Instant affiliate commissions, not only do you get paid in real time, so do your affiliates.
  • Built in 1099 tax tracking, where we will actually track and create and deliver your tax documents to your affiliates.
  • Direct linking with Kunaki, deliver CD's to your customer all on auto pilot.
  • Tracking and reporting that goes the extra mile.
  • Plus much much more.

You may also access your PayGear affiliate manager directly from your MembersGear admin area. Just click the icon shown below for instant login and access to all the PayGear tools.

You may also view the PayGear userguide by clicking here.

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